SOS Annual Family Picnic


Lakefront park Sudden Valley


Thanks to all that attented check here once we set up a date for 2019

SOS/WITS Group Anniversary Family Picnic

July ??, 2020 TBA

At Sudden Valley Marina

Noon – 5:00PM

- Join us for a Fun time! -

We provide the traditional picnic fare! You bring your significant other, friends, children and Fido. You may want to share a side dish, snacks or dessert, if you can, as well as, softball, basketball, tennis or volleyball gear.

Bring your event chair, swimsuit, kayak & some sunscreen!


Picnic Directions

Scan the QR code to launch gps on your phone.

sos picnic 2015

If you are looking at this on your phone, the QR wont do you much good, so click here

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